Well, the good news is that the intrepid boilermen finally made it out here. We haven’t been doing too badly, but temperatures are going down again, and the weathermen think it may be 20 below tonight. It was well below zero and falling when we went out for a little walk in the afternoon. It turned out a very little walk indeed: the Professor as agreed turned back after 10 minutes, and I was going to take Miss Best Friend rather further, but she said she was going with him so there didn’t seem much point. It turned out there was a bit of water in the fuel filter, which had frozen. I bought a couple more heaters yesterday, and evidently we can manage, if only just, without the main system, but as the radiators kick in, there’s a pleasant feeling of getting the house back. We readdressed the cards I’d meant to deliver to colleagues by hand, and I was able to pass them to my ex-Gamekeeper, who happened to be heading into town just as we were pottering about outside, so that’s Christmas dealt with — I managed to get the main card run off yesterday afternoon, so I’m sure most of you won’t get our reprehensible little offering till the New Year, but it was the best which could be managed in the circumstances. Fortunately, there’s nothing remotely Christmassy about it.

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  1. The Other German guest Says:


  2. The Man From Maryport Says:

    I can confirm a reprehensible little offering appeared this very morning - clearly the postal service is the only part of our national infrastructure not experiencing Massive Spontaneous Existence Failure under 3 inches of snow . . .

  3. Jane Says:

    Hope you enjoyed the Final Solution to one of ACD’s abiding mysteries!

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