New Arrivals

We had a day of the slaters, who reported, rather to our surprise, that the back roof was less of a mess than we thought. Whether they will say the same about the front roof remains to be seen, but so far not that many slates are missing or broken, which with the amount of snow that’s slid about on them is pretty amazing, and the sarking is apparently in quite reasonable condition. They are putting up new metal gutters with a support about every two inches which are intended to stay up, and here’s hoping they do. There was quite a lot of toing and froing yesterday (we went into the Uni, and Barnyards was coming to supper, so we were rather preoccupied). I was in the middle of cooking, when the alarm went off on the Bunded Tank. It has an alarm which signals sudden change of pressure, in case someone’s stealing your oil, but why it went off we aren’t at all sure. Anyway we went out with a torch to see if there were any oil thieves, and heard someone bleating out of the darkness. Morning light revealed that the promised sheep have appeared in the newly fenced field. They are an appealing Dutch variety called a Zwartbles, black with a white tailtip, white socks and a white blaze. The lambs are particularly pretty. Apparently they are very good milkers, prolific, and have a nice temper, unlike the wicked little creatures we had wished on us a few years back. We have every confidence in their owners, so we are pleased to see them there eating away, and, since it is once more a nice day, basking in the sun. Whether one of them managed to set off the oil alarm is a mystery which will never be solved.

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  1. cp Says:

    I still recollecct the biblical procession of men carrying sheep across the shoulders, and Jane’ shearing which made one, she said, look like a cauliflower.

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