Urban idyll continues

It was a most beautiful day, not too hot, not too cold, so we went off to Kew Gardens, where we saw more spring in one place than anyone could reasonably expect. There is a sort of blue lake of Glory of the Snow, shimmering like water, fresh green everywhere, and the magnolia collection was in full flower. The rock garden is full of pasque flowers, reminding me that I ought to see if mine are coming up at all. Flowering prunus of various species are all over the place, as are green parakeets, an unexpected flash of vivid emerald against pink blossom (like bullfinches, they eat buds, so are often to be seen in the cherry-trees). Kew always seems to me one of the nicest place there is. It absorbs an enormous number of people, many of them under ten, and yet for each of you it can be a private experience. You can always be alone in Kew. I can never resist the Palm House either, the criss-crossing of giant leaves and rampant vines, and the feeling that everything is growing before your eyes. Winter is over, it will soon be lilac time.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    Greetings from Eleanor & Franklin and Sam & Anne Knight. We have weekended here in McClellanville, talking over the June visit, which we all hope you’ll be able to schedule as well. It is spring here, too.

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