The Professor is in Edinburgh with our Ambassadorial friend. I have been rejoicing in grass-widowhood by getting a great deal of work done, of the most boring kind (working through the list of books printed in Scotland from end to end). Utterly boring but with a sort of slow burn fascination, as you start seeing patterns develop. I’m interested in issues of what’s published and what isn’t. The weather has been conducive: yesterday was cold and grey, today, though sunny, was exceedingly windy, and not all that pleasant out. Good days for placid hours of bibliographising. It’s been very peaceful. The primroses are really beginning to make themselves a presence on the banks, and my scillas are self-seeding in odd places as well. In the borders, I’m amazed by how much has come through the winter, though there’s been carnage among the roses, I’m sorry to say. We were out, the animals and I, in a lull in the wind this afternoon, and it was wonderfully peaceful. I found two wood anemones, one by the grave of the late lamented Aphra, and I hope they seed. The woodruff is appearing too. If I can get woodruff and wood anemones to multiply along with the bluebells under the birches it will look fantastic. On a slightly less optimistic note, Miss Best Friend will have to go to the vet when the Prof gets back. She has taken to licking and licking at the elbow of her right front leg, which joint is becoming thickened and distorted with arthritis. It seems to have suddenly begun to bother her. She hasn’t got through the skin, but the area is getting very bald and satiny and pink, so she’s not doing herself a lot of good. She doesn’t, though, seem to be in pain, apart from not wanting to walk much, she’s rather cheerful and quite waggy, with an appetite for her dinner, so I don’t think she’s in bad spirits by any means.

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  1. canadian rofessor Says:

    Does your vet do house calls? E has three cats, so finds it useful & economical to have hers come round. Desmond’s is down the road and he doesn’t mind the Box overmuch.

  2. Jane Says:

    The vet does do house calls (one is seldom told to ‘just bring in’ a horse, let alone a cow), but it’s understandably quite expensive. They also don’t care for it because of the way sod’s law declares that the right pill, ointment or lotion for the job is inevitably the one they didn’t bring. Miss BF’s elbow struck us as a problem rather than an emergency or I’d have got Hamish & co., but she’s perfectly cheerful so it can’t be too bad.

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