We had the most amazing light effect this evening. It rained for most of the afternoon, but at about 8 pm, the sun was still above the horizon, but shining horizontally. The hill above the house is a long, shallow curve, broken only by a line of fenceposts. Surreally bright, there was a line halfway across the hill, above it, cadmium green, just about the colour you’d squeeze straight out of the tube, below, an equally strong blue green, and the fenceposts were blazing gold. Looking south, a vertical rainbow exploded out of a wood of golden trees. And we haven’t even been taking anything, honest.

Also on the topic of colour: we planted a wave of primrose yellow fringed tulips through the lawn border. This was a great success, and looks fabulous. The remainder (there are several hundred) were planted in clumps in the border in my garden. One of then came up stunningly weird: half of it is orthodox primrose yellow, the other half is orange; the division runs straight up the middle of a petal, as crisp and perfectly defined as the light/dark line on the field I was describing. It’s very unaccountable but if you could work out how to duplicate it you’d make a fortune.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    I have fringed tulips this year, too — purple and white. I’ve also got some solid white stunners which have the wonderful virtue of standing up to big winds and torrential rains without a petal out of place. Tulips are an old favorite I’ve been able to bring back this season; for the last 20 years or so I’ve lived places where the deer promptly chomped any attempted tulips! I’m feeling primrose yellow for next year in another bed. It sounds lovely.

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