Multicultural Britain

Dr Biswell sent us a note on Mancunian retail therapy which seems worth recording:

‘Just back from Asda, which was (as usual) a hoot. The best moment was when I saw a large green sign that said “HAPPY EID” plus presumably the same in Arabic.This had been placed, or rather suspended on wires, directly above the pork counter. Possible explanations: (1) An employee with a nasty sense of humour; (2) Sabotage; (3) Whoever put the sign up being too thick to realise that this might not be the ideal spot.’

There are two sorts of people in this world, the ones who believe in conspiracies and the ones who believe in cock-ups; possibly as a result of long term exposure to undergraduates, I am one of the latter, so would favour explanation (3). But the depths of human obtuseness doubtless have still more to offer us, I should imagine. What next? What further insensitivity? We have already been offered “Jaco-bites”. Burger King wishes happy Diwali to all its customers? Pork Farms Chanukah Special Offers? It is to be hoped that Britain’s Retailers will continue to do their bit to celebrate the cultural diversity of modern society.

3 Responses to “Multicultural Britain”

  1. The Man From Maryport Says:

    On the Conspiracy versus Cock-up theory of the universe, surely the truth is that there was indeed a conspiracy, but they cocked it up?

    This would explain much about the contemporary retail experience . . .

  2. jan foster Says:

    On the Conspiracy v Cock-up Question: my main squeeze and principal guru generally cuts off my tirade with the mantra, “Never attribute to Malice what can be explained by Stupidity.”

  3. Grommit Says:

    There’s is also Smith’s Law … “if stupidity or incompetence is a possible explanation, then it is the correct one.”

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