Eau de Nil

I have just had a most annoying compound experience of negativity. I logged on to the outer world to be told there was a total eclipse of the moon. I therefore wandered out to peer at the sky, a uniform shade of eau de nil at 11.3o-ish on a night approaching midsummer.I did not, in consequence, gnash or grind my teeth, but all the same, while I was gazing up at the sky, a bit suddenly fell off one of my back molars — one of the ones which are, at best, a cardboard box full of concrete. Whoopee. and hey ho for my expensive dentist. At least it doesn’t hurt.

2 Responses to “Eau de Nil”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    Happened to me, too. It’s all part of the vast aging conspiracy - bits start to fall off/apart.

  2. Jane Says:

    Dentist has slapped some Polyfilla over the chasm and I can look forward to an expensive afternoon some time next week. What’s so annoying is the way somehow you aren’t ever
    ever savaging a spare-rib or a Pan Drop (hard scottish confectionary) when it occurs. It just fell off with no proximate cause whatsoever.

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