Rocaille On

Much of today has been spent putting books into the Twentieth Century Room, which is gradually developing as it goes along. It’s been something of a journey of discovery — what we have masses of, what, less than we thought. My categorisation is idiosyncratic. I’ve made a pre-WWI bookcase, there’s one about Englishness, one about Scottishness, and one about Ballet and Biographies of Sexual Deviants, one is almost entirely filled with books about Italy and another with green Penguins, while the Sitwells have between them filled an entire shelf. While we have been beetling up and down with armfuls of books, meanwhile, the boys have been making a rocaille mirror. It really does promise to be a thing of beauty in its own peculiar way: they have made a basic frame with queen scallops and cockles, with elaborations at top, bottom and the four corners: they are rather worried that it might not be solid enough, but with any luck, Evo-Stik will live up to its propaganda.

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  1. The Dramaturg Says:

    Be inspired by that great German word Schnörkel, and add a couple of these (one on each side, as supporters) for an effect that cannot fail to impress.

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