Fiddlers on the Roof (again)

Why is it that mosquitos bite with peculiar viciousness in thundery weather? It can’t be that their nutritional requirements or m.o. change in any significant way, but it’s undoubtedly the case. One got me twice yesterday, and both bites have come up like half-oranges. It’s about to rain again. Meanwhile, the house is reverberating to the sound of a couple of merry individuals who are slating the roof of the new back porch. someone turned up last week, put up scaffolding, left a palletload of slates and ran away — when I heard a bit of clanging and banging first thing I thought probably someone was taking the scaffolding away again (organization is not our builder’s strong point), but I maligned him. At least something is happening.

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  1. The Dramaturg Says:

    We cannot wait to hear about the episcopal ordination of Bishop Hugh of Aberdeen. We implore the Northern Professor to be full, fluent and florid in his reportage. We will brook no reticence on the most minor matters of ritual and liturgy. In all sincerity, divulge!

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