Some things you don’t believe till you see them

The Dramaturg needs to know that the Professor noted his comment and will do something about describing the consecration of the new bishop — but having spent some 12 hours out of the last 24 yomping about the braes of Glenlivet on University diplomatic business, it won’t be tonight. Today there has been minute progress (painting) on the outshot. And Tony the Gardener turned up, and started on some undercoating. I went out after a bit with a cup of tea and some of an old-fashioned sticky gingerbread I’d made mostly for the encouragement of the Glenlivet contingent and found him painting away, wearing, to my astonishment, a wide-brimmed hat hung with corks (quarter-corks, to be pedantic). Cor, I said. No, he assured me, he’d done it in a spirit of experiment, but it really does work. In this month of persecution (see blog, ‘Flyday’) it keeps the little blighters off your face. So there’s a thing.

3 Responses to “Some things you don’t believe till you see them”

  1. The German Guest Says:

    Tony the Gardener may be the coolest guy in Scotland. He left that impression on Jakob, at least.

  2. The Dramaturg Says:

    What I would also like to know is this: did your naviculifer mix attar of roses with the incense in the thurible for the Feast of the Assumption? Ours did, and the smell of pot-pourri (for an Anglican church) was overpowering.

  3. Jane Says:

    I don’t think so, but there was assuredly rosewater in the silver gilt basin in which the Cardinal washed his hands.

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