Slowly, exterior paintwork is becoming pea green. The extension looks fine, though Barry, who has returned to us, was unimpressed by our failure to fill the nail holes, perfectionist that he is. Tony and his wife are patiently painting trellis of which there is acres. Barry is working on the front door, which has had two coats of primer. We have not removed the dark green Dutch paint: it is diamond-hard, and though the door is south facing, and south is by far our most vicious wind, it has withstood eleven years of everything Aberdeenshire can throw at it without giving way, so it is there as a protective coat underneath everything else. Conventional paint systems have been scoured down to the wood twice in the same period of time. It’s wonderful that Barry is back, not just because of his own work but because of everyone else. In the last 48 hours, he has successfully dealt with the snafu which has prevented anyone from getting on with the extension for the last four weeks. They’ll all talk to him, when they won’t talk to us, and all kinds of stuff which could have been resolved in two minutes now has been. Jolly good. He has been making new windowsills today. Very fine they are too.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    I’m a green fan. Bet it’s going tobe lovely!

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