Rural Tragedy

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. We’ve had ever so many guests, and as a result, the fridge has gradually filled up with little bowls. The end of some lamb, and its bone. The end of some chicken. A tablespoon or so of lasagne. Some rather aged ham. Surplus lamb shanks which had got a bit gamy. Some other lamb from a different occasion. The last of Godmama’s beef rendang. Where the tragedy comes in is that we do not have a labrador. It’s all being thrown out or given to the Rough Cats. What a waste.

4 Responses to “Rural Tragedy”

  1. cp Says:

    You could put it all in the blender & make a stew.

  2. cp Says:

    except, of course, for anything going green.

  3. Jane Says:

    An olla podrida, in fact. But, as the lone meat-eater, I have to say that it would become strangely unappealing.

  4. Jane Says:

    PS. I abhor waste, and I have eaten quite a bit of it myself. But what a pity Honey the Hamster Loving Hippie is vegetarian, or I could have performed prodigies of oldfashioned thrifty housekeeping. At least the rather glorious leg of lamb met a happy fate — the actual leg-bone was cooked for 5 hrs in the ragu for the lasagne, and the sole surviving bit of meat was added in. But if we’d had a labrador it would have all been so much SIMPLER.

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