Bucket and Spade

We are going on holiday — a week in Norfolk, and seeing some friends. Not exactly exciting, but it should recharge the batteries. Barry has taken the kitchen apart already — by the time we came down this morning, he’d ripped the floor up. Miss Kit has had to go to a cattery. I don’t suppose she’ll have a lovely time but it shouldn’t be too soggy either. The place is deep in the country, and she can watch the birds. She’s been put in isolation because of being scared of other cats, and she’ll have a hot spot. She looked a bit worried by her new quarters but not by any means traumatised. Meanwhile, we’ve done the final pass over the Collections Book, which is just about ready to go. We’ll be very glad to be shot of it.

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  1. cp Says:

    ABout sizes and houses. Is there a set of specifications for a gentlman’s house? How do you tell lif you have one? And what can you do (if anything) to top a deficient habitation up to a GH?

  2. cp Says:

    What are the images on the toile de jouy?

  3. Jane Says:

    Dearest CP, I’m surprised to find you asking about the smallest size of GH — there’s a lot about this in Sense & Sensibility. The Dashwood ladies’ retreat, its deficiencies, etc. Basically you have to have amenities which are not utilitarian (gravel, shrubs), a suite of rooms which are for entertaining, and a clear separation between all that and areas dedicated to cooking, washing and suchlike practical matters. In a farmhouse, even if large, there will be a seepage between spaces, a gentleman’s house will minimise this. The eight square (ish) rooms on the front, plus the carriage sweep, make this a Gentleman’s House. I will report on the Toile de Jouy tomorrow, because I can’t remember. Sadly, we didn’t have all that much of the Sapphist Toile de Jouy which we used for the back spare room curtains, it really was very funny. This stuff is much duller, though pretty in its way.

  4. Jane Says:

    Peter here, reporting ruined triumphal arch, pastoral lovers various and some treillage.

  5. cp Says:

    Thanks, for the toile pattern. Have responded to Jane in an email note. Couldn’t resist some looking about re shrubbery & gravel, poointed up towards the end when Eleanor morries the boring Edward and they order in S and G for the parsonage. O altitudo?

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