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A week since my last post. The reason for this is that I have been landed with both of the biggest first year courses to administer, thanks to some nifty footwork from a colleague whose name has now been written on a bit of paper and put in a drawer. That means that some 300 individuals who have been exiled from Mummy for approximately three weeks, in some cases for the first time in their TAINY LAIVES are needing problems solved: such as, where are the lectures? (hasn’t read the course guide) what’s a tutorial and do I have to have one? (missed first lecture) I missed my first tutorial and I don’t know who my tutor is (again, missed first lecture, I posted who was teaching which classes when), etc. Down, very nearly, to ‘where is the lavatory?’ and a refresher on the Green Cross Code. By the end of week 2 this will calm down since it will no longer be permissible to swop courses. I have a policy for the first fortnight. One is, if at all possible, don’t aim to do anything else. The other is, on the first day of term, bribe the secretaries with chocolate and hurry off in the opposite direction. Since the wretched children who are bothering me in week 2 are by and large, characters who have swopped into my courses, they end up squeebling to be crammed into already full tutorials. I find it helps to have got your bribe in first.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    One of the great academic lessons- make nice with departmental secretaries, they actually run things. It sounds like this is true worldwide.

  2. cp Says:

    The answers to the questions? Exactly as you put it: in the lecture. If the reply is “But I missed it,” Then - ask a fellow student who was there. Usw.

    Nothing wrong with smiling as you thus respond.

  3. Jane Says:

    Then of course there are those who attend the lecture but don’t listen to a word in the apparent assumption that bum in contact with a lecture theatre seat will do the job for them.

  4. cp Says:

    If they say,l “But I was there. No announcement.” Same response.

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