we not not love mice not even their wiggly whiskers and their bright little eyes

We came home from really quite a LONG day at work to find a perfect Niagara pouring through the dining room ceiling: ‘and the ceiling might come down’, not merely the odd drip. A member of the family of plumbers with whom we are now dealing turned up within twenty minutes. The problem seems to locate under the bath in the guest bathroom. It seems more than likely that it is, once again, a case of gnawed plastic pipe. This probably means that the guest bathroom will have to be pretty much taken to bits. Meanwhile, we’ve had to turn the water off; no baths, I’ve washed my hair in a basin. The young plumber, besides being pleasant, is something of a card. While he and the Professor were in debate about where pipes went and all that stuff, Miss Kit brought in not one but two voles (anxious, I think, having been left all day though she did have the company of Honey the Hamster Loving Hippie). The Prof. at one point said, ‘what do you think we should do?’ at which the plumber raised his eyebrows and said, ‘I’d have a word with that cat of yours’. Unfortunately, mice beneath the floorboards are beyond her.

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  1. cp Says:

    Who writes from the top floor of the Harvard FAculty club, possibly the least expensive temporary lodging in Cambridge, MA.

    You need Desmond, who runs a company dedicated to eradicating Mice. You might also get in touch to see if Ombledroon, the 23 pound Goreyhouse CAt, can be rented and flown over.

  2. Jane Says:

    But the problem is that the little blighters have somehow, we guess, gained access as a result of the new back kitchen, and are operating between two stone walls, one at the back of the original house, the other the back of the 19th century bit: if any of them venture into the kitchen that is the end of them. But Miss Kit cannot get into the walls. And if we hired a python, it might 1) eat Miss Kit, or 2), since a python’s hunger is rapidly sated, being a reptile, either ingest a couple of mice (or Miss Kit) and develop an attraction to warm beds in which to snooze away weeks if not months of placid digestion. Both might present problems.

  3. cp Says:

    Florida is said to be full of Burmese pythons. Shadowy figures tramp the bayou at night, guns at the ready, so some might be glad for an honest job. Perhaps there is a decent one, who wants to be out of Florida and looks to be apprivoise (I doo not know its gender, sorry).

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