drip, drip

I returned from what was really enough of a teaching day to be going on with to find the Professor fit to be tied. The youthful plumber had spent much of the day here, and sorted out the leak. Prof: have you replaced ALL the plastic pipework? Wouldn’t that be a good idea while the floors are still up? ‘Plumber: aye, aye, let’s see how she goes, etc. etc.’; so at about 4, having dealt with the job in hand, he turned the water on again and a Niagara fell from a different bit of pipe. The circus starts again tomorrow. Tomorrow the Prof is taking his students on a field trip. He’ll have to shave in a teacup of hot water — he also promised them a home made cake and some cardamom buns. I started the cardamom buns yesterday and it’s been possible to get them processed reasonably hygienically but we had to give up on the idea of making a cake — you really have to think about washing hands, utensils, and so on. The cardamom buns are very echt Norwegian, plain, but strangely nice. I found a recipe on the internet, made about half quantities and still ended up with about 50. Fortunately I think they will vanish quite rapidly.

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  1. Contributor Formerly Known as the Tropical Godfather Says:

    It might be more productive to tie the plumber up, fetch some bows and arrows from Mr Will’s toy box, and show the said plumber some pictures of St Sebastian, explaining that if the holes in the pipes are not rectified PDQ other holes are liable to happen elsewhere. At this point, you may refer him to the arrow sticking out of – and, more pertinently, into – St Sebastian’s groin. You may also threaten to report him to, say, St Robert Bellarmine. Even a British plumber would hardly like to mess with a peculiarly bolshy counter-reformation saint. If all that fails, just tell him Honey’s hamsters have turned carnivorous – and it’s feeding time.

  2. Jane Says:

    We had thought about a boa constrictor or something of the kind, which could live between the floorboards. The only problem being that it might 1) come to perceive the charm of electric blankets, or 2) eat Hiss Kit & go to sleep for 6 months.

  3. Jane Says:

    There was a comment by cp which I thought I’d managed to save out of the spam filter & evidently haven’t — my reply is, there is a variety of respects in which NE Scotland does not resemble Florida, and absence of locally available pythons is one. There remains the question of cold-bloodedness, and lack of zeal in THE CHASE on more than a 6 weekly basis.

  4. Jane Says:

    see comments on last entry.

  5. Lampy Says:

    I have seen a number of adders down at my end of the shire, but I think they’ll all be sleeping by now. Nothing for it, but to rip out the PVC, I don’t know what the attraction of rodents to plastic is….

  6. Jane Says:

    I can understand them gnawing hard stuff. But they’ve been eating washing-up sponges. What, from there POV, can be the POINT?

  7. Eleanor Says:

    Many sympathies. We have just finished getting a new floor, ceiling and some walls as a result of a sneaky old leaking water heater. The upside is that I now have a lovely new laundry room with new highly efficient washer and dryer. Of course it all feels as if it has taken forever.

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