Butter side up

It is easy to feel that in this world of tears, toast inevitably lands butter side down, Sod jeers at us, shaking his cap and bells, as his Law is implemented, and so forth. Some time ago I bought, for really not very much at all, a valueless Indian brass ring, which for some wholly mysterious reason had been set with a very good Roman intaglio of Pegasus from something like the first century BC. The stone was glued in, what else? Since I have worn the thing a great deal, the glue gave way and the stone fell out. It did so on the white-painted mantlepiece, where Pegasus could be immediately spotted, retrieved, and put in a place of safety. Sod must have been looking the other way. Or else, something hugely unlucky is about to happen. I will report, if necessary.

2 Responses to “Butter side up”

  1. Will Says:

    That’s somewhat reassuring. Things are potentially up for me and then, butter side down. I’m resorting to long walks and reading about David Jones and Geoffrey Hill under the duvet (me not them).

  2. Eleanor Says:

    Just yesterday, I had an amethyst come out of a ring setting, but it did so right in my little ring box, not while I had been wearing it, which I had been doing the last few days. It is magic ring karma!

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