We came home in the dark on Friday, and at the end of the evening, I took Miss Cat out for her ablutions. I was not a little surprised to get to the end of my garden and find myself stumbling into what appeared to be a ploughed field — I do of course take a torch but I keep it on tight beam and mostly use it to keep an eye on where I am immediately about to tread and/or the whereabouts of Miss Cat. I couldn’t make much of the situation but the morning light revealed that pixies had been, and had removed the pile of stone at the end of the garden plus the remains of the wall. Not only that, they had tidied up after themselves very efficiently; they’d removed part of a beech hedge in order to get a digger through at the back, and had subsequently replanted it. We have been trying to get something to happen about this stone for quite some time. The Professor spends a good deal of his time pleading with workmen to come and do some work, and this has been one of the topics on which many phone calls have been made. We were sufficiently at our wits’ end to put the problem in front of Barnyards, who put us onto a nice if taciturn individual called Bill — it was presumably Bill who came and did the deed. Step two is getting something else put up but meanwhile, nothing was going to happen till the stone was shifted, so we are duly grateful to Bill.

3 Responses to “Miracles”

  1. cp Says:

    sorry it wasn’t a pixie.

  2. Jane Says:

    So am I. Pixies are paid, I believe, in milk. Working men, however welcome, tend to want used fivers.

  3. cp Says:

    On friday last, Culmer Construction, in the person of Dominic, its principal, and two of his helpers, came and removed about sic feet of the “curved glass feature wall” on the second floor. The description was given by the former owner, an aficionado of Modern Art. This was the only party of the new address I didn’t like. The idea is to get rid of it and put up a real wall and to gain two feet of space for the guest room. The removal will involve recarprting the second floor and the first, the latter by a 2 to 1 vote of the Bruckmanns, who think that Mum will slip and fall on her elegant rugs. Usw. I trust it will be done before a guest arrives in early January.

    Apparently there is nothing useful to be done with cast off glass blocks. Shall I run a competition? BLut this is not so total a renovation as yours, so I should keep quiet.

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