There have been several important milestones with Miss Dog. She has been out to lunch and covered herself with glory (also mud). There was a mild contretemps when we arrived, and I rushed straight into the garden with her, viz., Rabbits. There is quite a colony of pet bun-buns, who had been rounded up into their chickenwire cage, but what nobody had quite thought of is that Miss D went straight for them: the panic-stricken creatures raced to the other side of their enclosure, and so she ran round the other side, and they did it again!!! Highly hilarious from her point of view, less so from the rabbits’. She was, clearly, not trying to catch them; she was in fact bouncing as dogs do to announce the start of a game, but it took several goes of round and round the pen before we could grab her collar. Rabbits were then evicted to the safety of the garage, and she was given the freedom of the garden. Having run off a bit of energy, she was, in fact, very good during lunch. Mostly resting on a temporary bed in the corner, but periodically getting up to walk round the table and put her head on the thigh of everyone present, in turn. She wasn’t begging, just wanting an acknowedging hand. After lunch my host and I took her to the park: always a moment of considerable anxiety with an unfamiliar dog. Fortunately, she is a paddler not a swimmer, so she didn’t attempt the racing waters of the Don, though (trust a dog) she found herself a lovely still backwater and coated herself in sticky black mud. But it turns out 1) that she WILL come when called, and 2) that she is very good with other dogs. A fellow Labrador was greeted in friendly fashion. A Springer nearly turned himself inside out trying to get her to play chase, and she wasn’t having any. A pair of collies were, after a brief race round a flowerbed, ignored. So we’ve covered a lot of ground in a day, and she was good about pretty much all of it except that she gets wildly excited about Going Somewhere, refuses to lie down, and after a certain amount of time has passed, whines in an irritating fashion, all of which is neither here nor there. But it’s a great relief to know that she’s steady with other dogs, and, given the speed she can move at, that she has some notion of the meaning of ‘Come here’.

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  1. cp Says:

    Small children and dogs are born knowing how dreadful whining is.

    She sounds so promising.

  2. Jane Says:

    You’re right about the whining…

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