New horrors added to Layfe

The new dog is of a helpful disposition. Likewise, interactive, enthusiastic, and keen to participate. In the house I have data relating to approximately 300 students. Two sets of exam scripts, nine sets of essay scripts (the result of the labours of 4 + 5 teaching assistants). Out of this I am attempting to put together all the data relating to firsts, fails, plus a decent sampling of the marginal. I am therefore surrounded by tottering piles of paper, and it is fairly imperative that I keep them in order. All the students are identified only by a number and I am slightly numbers-dyslexic — I find it all to easy to type 698 when I mean 689. Introduce into this a large, powerful, interactive, etc. etc. labrador. At the one end there is a blunt, powerful head. At the other there is a scything, powerful tail. Both liable to send my precious heaps flying across the floor. And I am trying not even to think about the number of more or less official documents which now have muddy paw prints on.

2 Responses to “New horrors added to Layfe”

  1. cp Says:

    I can think of nearly no document which would not be improved by a muddy paw print.

  2. Jane Says:

    It adds that homely personal touch, I quite agree. It’s the RANDOMIZING which strikes terror.

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