Naughty little animals

The beasties are generally very good and not much trouble. But they have their moments. Yesterday, Miss Dog elected to roll in something more than usually foul, came in smelling to high heaven and had to have a bath. She was slightly due a bath anyway, so that was all right. Today, just to add variety, Miss Kit got stuck up a tree. Infuriatingly, it was manifestly a very EASY tree, but she lost her head completely and just sat there screeching dismally. We have a new, scientific roofing ladder. Unfortunately it doesn’t come to bits and weighs about as much as a healthy twelve year old. We had a perfectly horrible time lugging it into the copse and disposing it for cat rescue. Hard hearted as I am, I would have left her up there to work out her own salvation, only the morning had been enlivened by the sudden manifestation of a totally free range Alsatian, whose we do not know, and I was rather keen to get her into the house in case the wretched beast turned out to be unreliable with cats. We got her down in the end. We also took Miss Dog to Delgaty, where the Professor had discovered a really beautiful woodland walk. The top field is mysteriously muddy and unpleasant at the moment, so if there’s time, he’s taken to running her over there in the car. It was the first time I’d been, and it is lovely.

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  1. William Says:

    I still have two Miss Dogs. The younger enjoys her rolling. The elder was about to be put down two weeks ago with lymphoma. I treated her (after a thousand pound vets bill) with bicarbonate of soda. Huge and revolting tumour in paw.. gone. Lymph nodes.. nothing.

  2. Jane Says:

    I’m glad your dog is better.

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