Dinner Wars

The Two Nice Girls came today, and hey! we had another potato mountain, and a bag of kale! Also, a bag of what they call ‘braising greens’, a nice mix of small cabbage leaves, pak choi and radicchio. I dealt with a kilo of surplus onions the other day by stewing them down to an unctuous fudge-coloured mass, so that was them, and made carrot soup so that was the last carrot mountain. We now have more carrots and more onions, but we are reasonably up to date (admittedly this involved giving a bag of spuds to Barry the Great, but that’s okay). We went to our favourite farm shop today, and bought some of the usual stuff we do buy, nice eggs, various vegetables, cheese. Another thing they have is terrifically good value spare ribs, so I had some of those too. On the way out, I spotted something I haven’t seen or thought of in years, a bottle of Marsala. We’d settled up by then, but dug around in the small change, and bought it — not for drinking purposes, I hasten to add, but for cooking. This evening, I braised the kale with an onion, finely shredded prosciutto, some vegetarian stock and a little Marsala, and, after it had burbled away for half an hour, added the braising greens. The Marsala definitely adds tone to this kind of slow-cooked affair. The Professor had a pissaladiere made with the braised onions. I cooked some spare ribs for me. Both Miss Kit and Miss Dog are passionately fond of spare rib. Miss Dog, as is her wont, put her big head on my knee and dribbled. Miss Kit, who wished to sit on the aforementioned knee, was on the neighbouring chair, watching my every movement (as they both were). I was ignoring both of them in a marked manner, till the Professor pointed out that Miss Kit had become so hypnotised by my spare rib consumption that, in her desire to get closer to the action, she was actually standing on the dog’s nose. All most unedifying. But both got their share.

3 Responses to “Dinner Wars”

  1. William Says:

    The quote from William Mountfort’s Zelmane springs to mind.

  2. Jane Says:

    With respect to which of them? Or perhaps Miss Kit had Waller in mind:

    Go, lovely Nose—
    Tell her that wastes her time and me,
    That now she knows,
    When I resemble her to thee,
    How sweet and fair she seems to be.

  3. contributor formerly known as the tropical godfather Says:

    Just as well I wasn’t there as I’d probably have been dribbling with my head on your knee too. Alas, the formerly tropical Godmama seems flummoxed by the oriental parsnip challenge. But should inspiration occur, you’ll be the first to know.

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