We celebrated Valentine’s Day, after a fashion, by going to the dentist, which is the sort of thing us over fifties end up doing. I am happy to say that the result of this excursion was that the bloke counted our teeth, made quite sure no new ones had grown, tapped them a bit to see if anything fell off, and nagged us to go and see the hygienist for a polish. There are places where no news is good news, and the dentist’s is one of them. Since we were thus in central Aberdeen we thought we might as well get some use out of it and went to the Oriental supermarket. The cupboard is once more filled with the many-splendoured products of the Asian Home Gourmet and suchlike reliable institutions. Most of what we got was in packets, apart from some greens, but we did take a look at the frozen food section. As tends to be the case with Asian supermarkets, there were some interesting-looking items, but pretty much in 20-portion packs. We have, however, bought something most mysteriously labelled ‘Vegetarian Meat Dumplings’. Earnest scrutiny of the list of ingredients suggests that they are indeed vegetarian. Who knows? They might be nice.

they were.

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