Boring, but in a good way

Failure to update the blog has been to do with Not Much Going On. In some respects, at least. The Northern Professor has touched in white areas of his studiolo with the beautiful, luminous Cornforth Gray we put in his study. The dog has been moderately good. We have done University business of various kinds conscientiously. I’ve sent an article off, and overhauled my CV in the University’s strangely unwelcoming and rebarbative online electronic database. I’ve written (overdue) reports on my last semester’s classes. Meanwhile, the Professor has fielded a whole interesting variety of more or less beautiful things which some senior individual has dreamed up in the spirit of ‘wouldn’t it be nice if …?’ followed, too promptly by, ‘and I wonder who could make it happen?’ He’s a little preoccupied this evening because he has to write a poem for tomorrow night. Wouldn’t it be nice if … they left us alone for a bit so we can write our dear little books?

2 Responses to “Boring, but in a good way”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    I, for one, would love some more of your “dear little books” to read.

  2. William Says:

    Me too.

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