Things are looking up

The longest, nastiest, and most complicated exam season on record has it seems drivelled to an end. We are tentatively sniffing the air of freedom, more or less; i.e. though ‘and another thing’ is inescapable, we aren’t taking classes. But one thing is a huge plus. Turriff has developed a real fish shop! We bought some cod caught this morning and applied a Malaysian fish curry sauce to it, and it was terrific. I have to say that, when fish is so fresh it falls into flakes, there is a case for the old egg & breadcrumbs, but it’s not the ONLY way of dealing with it, and though the fish did come to bits a bit, it was extremely tasty. There is exceedingly reliable looking smoked haddock in the freezer for Saturday, when I have to do supper at an uncertain time, and will therefore make Cullen Skink. With really good cod on offer, I intend to experiment with chowder (actually, Cullen Skink is, I think, an ancestral chowder) at a future point. But three cheers for the valiant fish shop — the Professor, especially, eats mountains of smoked, preserved and otherwise tinkered-with fish, but the fresh sort has somewhat fallen out of our lives because we never have time to go down to the sheds at Macduff. We intend to do our best to help keep these enterprising characters in business. Oh, and another thing! We are carpeted in crocus, the iris reticulata are out in force, and the first outside daffodils have popped. It isn’t even March yet, and it’s vastly encouraging.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    Crocus here as well, reticulata only peeking at us so far…

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