It’s Traditional

Miss Kit and I came down this morning to find Barry the Great hard at work. He laid some shuttering down outside my door before he knocked off on Friday, so I was not at all surprised to find that my study door opened onto a grey pool of mirror-smooth concrete (which will have paving slabs laid on top of it). I accordingly took Miss Kit out via the back door. I do my best. But any reader who shares his or her life with a cat will be wholly unsurprised to hear that, nonetheless, Barry’s beautiful concrete is now decorated with dear little paw prints. The Cats and Concrete saga has been running since the invention of concrete.

2 Responses to “It’s Traditional”

  1. cp Says:

    I made my way to the University Library via shortcut one day last year. I DID note that workmen were fixing the road and that they had prudently signposted what they were doing. In some places. I was to have lunch with my daughter, so I was travelling at speed when I returned. My foot sank into the road and I fell over,happily not on my face. Yanked the foot out. Covered it was, beginning to get firmer.Drove at just the speedlimit home, whacked the shoes, peeled off the concrete, sorry only that no friend had been there to see the comedy. That is a route I use frequently. Sometimes I have felt partof Devonshire Place……………

  2. Jane Says:

    So you have personally experienced the notorious Concrete Boot? I’m so glad you didn’t end up feeding the fishes. I am also glad that Miss Kit’s experiments with concrete didn’t involve actually sinking into it to any great extent.

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