Immortality of a sort

We got some photos in the post this morning: our friend the sculptor decided to he wanted to use the Professor as model for a lifesize statue of a saint some while ago — the saint in question being St Alban Roe, who is noted for — apart from being a saint — bad attitude, disrespect for authority, and a sense of humour. We can’t think why the Professor popped into his head. Anyway. There was our friend putting some final touches to a statue in fine, silvery-grey Caen limestone which looks really very like the Professor. Unfortunately, just as we were saying ‘how nice’, we looked at the next image. It has been decided that the statues (there is a row of six martyrs, St Alban Roe being one of them) are going to be polychrome. Now people keep telling one that all kinds of statues from Ancient Greek kouroi onwards were polychrome. Polychrome is authentic. But it remains sadly the case that everything from the Peplos Kore on down actually looks better in plain stone, and the fact that these days one is conditioned by various types of fiberglass and plaster model to have unfortunate associations with naturalistically-painted statuary just makes it worse. Doubtless he is right but we do wish he wouldn’t.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    Polychrome or no, to be the model for so apt a Saint… What great fun!

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