Load Crossover

Honey the Hamster Loving Hippie is leaving the cast: she has decided to hang up her mop and bucket and spend more time with her little furries. Two more sessions, and we will get no more news from Planet Hamster. We have obviously been looking about us, and someone has turned up: a Latvian lady called Olga (which sounds like the first line of a limerick). She seems very nice and rather jolly and she is fond of animals. Miss Dog thinks she’s lovely, and she has a sense of humour.

2 Responses to “Load Crossover”

  1. The Dramaturg Says:

    A Latvian lady called Olga
    Was fond of a bird called a brolga.
    She danced with her crane
    Through the wind and the rain
    On a steppe on the banks of the Volga.

  2. Jane Says:

    I should have realised thst you would rise to this challenge!

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