Wind in the Barley

It’s generally grey and cold here, and very wet, but the sun does struggle through once in a while. We were coming back from Miss Dog’s forest (where she is walked more days than not) yesterday when the clouds broke as we came over the brow of the hill towards home, producing one of the truly beautiful moments of the northern year. The barley is up to full height, but the awns still slender and light, and bright green. Under dappled sun and a light wind, the whole flank of Delgaty hill seemed to shiver like the glistening silky pelt of a giant, green, running animal, with spots of light travelling swiftly across it. This lovely effect continues for a few weeks till the grain gets too heavy. Another barley moment: a hare must’ve sat up to take a look at us the other day, from the safety of the field, but all I could see were the twin ears popping up through the silky rustling surface like handlebars.

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  1. cp Says:

    Would taht we were cold and wet. Yesterday the heat record was broken. From my large kitchen window I can see the greenery around the school firled- and the boys playing soccer. Perhaps it’s cooler.

    But we nearly weren’t hot or cold……one of our best expeditions on the Cape was seal visiting, in a very small boat. They bask and swim from a large sandbar in Chatham Harbour. After we returned, a brief column in the local paper (copied from Agence Presse): Great Whites have been spotted in the waters off the Cape. The habourmaster of Chatham has forbidden bathers and boaers from gong within 100 metres of seals, a favourite food for the GW. We were about 3 metres.

  2. Jane Says:

    The weather is dreary but you can live with it. I think you must have encountered our charming art historian friend from Belgrade who’s another of our birds of passage. Belgrade’s up above forty, and you can’t work, think, or move about. At least this is sort of possible though not nice. I’m glad that you weren’t eaten by a Great White Shark!

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