We are tootling off to Cromarty tomorrow with the Formerly Tropical Godparents. We are puzzling ourselves about packing the quite small car with four adults, a dog, luggage, and vegetables, but I’m sure it will all work out somehow. Miss Dog will go in the boot, on the smallest of her dog beds; those of us who are in the back will I think have to be packed in and around with stuff by those who will sit in the front. We had actually had the brainy plan of hiring a larger car from the garage, but alas, the Laguna which is to be had is out and not coming back till Sunday night. We are not defeatist. Once in my young youth I went from Cambridge to Cornwall sharing the back seat of a smallish car with, amongst other items, a gate-legged table and a cello. It’s amazing what you can do. We had one of the Huntly Two over this evening with his mama (the other Huntly Two had other engagements), so I made the Jesuit Pudding. Very nice it was too, and quite nostalgic, since as I said in an earlier blog, my mother used to make it in the Seventies. I had to boil the marsala first, given that the Professor is allergic to alcohol and Godmama is a Muslim, but it still came out pretty elegant.

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  1. cp Says:

    Packing cars….

    We were in Princeton for a meeting and finished the evening at a bar. Small car, lots of us. John, daunted by nothing, packed them in, some srtetched on the back seat, on top of each other. A rather distinguised scholar’s feet hung out of the window.

    When we reached out destginiation, and unpacked, the man at the very bottom turned out to be a drunk, packed in by mistake. He had no identification, so we couldn’t drive him home. Nor did he make any kind of senes. We sprang the others, drove back to the bar and, with the rain now falling, propped him up under the awning.

  2. Eleanor Says:

    Do not, under any circumstances, do a “Romney” and place any canine friends on the roof!

  3. Jane Says:

    Absolutely not. Miss Dog was, and continues to be, fine in the boot, where the puzzle that the landscape is going BACKWARDS continues to occupy her tiny mind. She does not have a congenitaly tendency to car-sickness, fortunately.

  4. Jane Says:

    It WAS very effective. We might think twice about buying anything larger than a matchbox (new caps, scarves &c go in existing bags, round necks, on heads). I do think that a stray drunk would have been observed.

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