Miss Kit

We have been worrying about Miss Kit for some time. She was at the vet’s last week, but didn’t seem to be a whole lot better, so while I was at work, the Professor took her back again. Having been alarmed by an unruly dog in the waiting room, she threw her occasional but most dramatic symptom actually on the vet’s table (an indication of her essentially lovely nature: generally an animal practically foaming at the mouth will, once brought before a person in green scrubs, will revert to apparent health). The vet decided to X-ray, and revealed that she has sciatica: an inflammation of the nerves, which is controllable with a regular painkiller. The reason the hormone replacement therapy appeared to be working is that it has anti-inflammatory properties as a side effect. But it has caused her to put on a kilo, which is inevitably adding to her problems. So we will need to try and get her weight down, but it looks as if there’s an answer to this whole set of one thing after another which has been complicating her (and our) life for about six months.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    Poor Miss Kit. She’s a good little thing.

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