A week later

Miss Kit’s new health regime seems to be working. She was quite poorly the last time the vet saw her, and is now a lot better, though she still can’t manage the serpentine twist which allows a cat to lick its lower back. I comb her, for which she seems grateful. But movement generally isn’t troubling her: the vet advises that while nerve damage heals we should encourage her to rest, at the same time, she ought to lose the weight she put on due to the previous vetinary intervention. I have, thankfully, found that she seems to find the ’senior’ variety of her cat food perfectly palatable, and it’s lower calorie. She is looking notably less like an orange furry rugby ball. Otherwise, the middle of term is the peak of my workload in terms of numbers of lectures plus stuff to mark, so I don’t have much time to write. A gay social whirl is in prospect at the end of the week. I will report on Sunday.

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