Further outbreaks of thrift

The Professor and I both had a day at home today, which, given the amount of work which had to be done last Saturday and Sunday, constituted the weekend. Among other things, we picked the rest of the grapes, and the absolute last of the apples. The grapes have become grape jelly: I left then on their lees for an hour because Miss Cat had to go to the vet for her annual booster between phase 1 and phase 2 of processing, and the added tannin has produced result a bit more characterful than the previous batch, which was at the very least, all right. The Prof made the apples into a sort of tarte Tatin, somewhat less glorious and/or calorific than the traditional variety, but also very good.

One remaining problem of the year is the leaves. For reasons quite obscure to us much of the leafage is still firmly stuck to the trees. We need the gutters cleaned out, but till the larches behind the house have dropped the last of their attractive golden-russet needles, there isn’t really any point because it’ll be all to do again. We had a bout of wind around midday, and, seeing the leaves waltzing past the windows, were much inclined to cheer.

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