Just when you thought things were settling down

I had a day at home, most of which was spent writing exam papers. I’ve always found the only way to do this is take a run-up at the whole paper and free-associate, cover a couple of pages with questions, then make a list of the topics to be covered, tick off the topics you’ve achieved, and do the others. It may sound a bit backwards but if you start with the topics then you pretty much write the same questions year on year. That done, another chore beckoned. The weather is dull and the nights are fair drawing in. By 3.30 it was evidently time to take Miss Dog for a walk, if she was going to have one in the proper sense of the word. I returned sometime after four to find a completely new, if predictable crisis. Miss Cat had evidently wanted to get up to her hot spot in the middle of my desk. She’d had trouble getting herself up, and in the process of scrambling across my laptop, had kicked four keys off it. With laptops, the visible key covers a fascinating little bipartite nylon device faintly reminiscent of a teensy clay pigeon shooter which provides the necessary springiness. I assembled all three detached parts for each key, but putting them back together is completely beyond me. The whole machine is at our computer sorter-outer, and I am meanwhile using the modest little affair I travel with, and hoping that nothing on the main machine I’ve forgotten to get off it goes critical before the weekend.

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