Further misadventures

Miss Kit has been having an unnecessarily heroic week. After the scrambling over the keyboard debacle (my main machine is still with the computeristas who maintain an ominous silence), we had a difficult moment last night after it became clear that the chicken with her painkiller on it had dried up uneaten. The stuff has to go down on a full stomach so it was a question of watching till she had scoffed up some griblets. Unfortunately the element of surveillance was perceived by Miss Kit: she jumped down and had it away on her toes. I siezed her and took her back to the counter, but by then she was set to hysterical resistance. I tried to fire some Metacam down her gagging and spluttering wee gullet, and as we struggled, she bit my left index finger to the bone. It didn’t half bleed. I was a bit concerned this morning that the wound might be infected, since it was a bit swollen, red and hot, but as the day progressed it seems to have settled down to be mere ordinary soreness. I don’t like the notion of antibiotics on the safe side because I’m not sure it IS the safe side.

4 Responses to “Further misadventures”

  1. the formerly tropical Godpapa Says:

    Ouch! If it’s still painful tomorrow, maybe some delicious Metacam would help…

  2. Jane Says:

    Or GIN, dearie. Dr Wu has put some curious Chinese stuff on it which is dark brown & smells like Tiger Balm marinaded in vanilla. Maybe it is.

  3. the formerly tropical Godpapa Says:

    A propos of absolutely nothing whatsoever, I just learned that in Catholic theology a moorhen can be deemed to be a fish. This may be useful to know in case you ever have to entertain a bishop on a fast day. I have also leaned than an archdeacon has been defined as the crook at the head of a bishop’s staff, though I have yet to work out the practical applicability of this information.

  4. cp Says:

    Moorhen - the device of the Benedictine nuns of Stanbrook. [More - women = moorhen]. Cannot think how it could do for a fish?

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