How to outstubborn a cat

Well, dearies, things are a little better than they were last week. We retrieved my computer on Wednesday; it’d cost an unrealistic amount to repair but has been equipped with a keyboard and mouse. I don’t use it to travel with so that will work perfectly well even if it looks a bit awful. I have also, at least for the time being, solved the problem of feline medication. She has rather gone off the chicken I give her, perhaps because she has a dark feeling I want her to eat it. But, on the odd occasions when I’ve had to unfreeze some in a hurry for her, it has always been the case that she will eagerly lap up the juice, so what I have taken to doing is heating a little water with a pinch of reduced salt chicken stock, putting hr painkiller in it, and adding a little chopped chicken. She then laps the chickeny water, and pointedly leaves the chicken under the impression that she has outsmarted me. It has turned very cold all of a sudden, but at least the leaves are off the trees.

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