End of term

It’s always a good moment, when you begin slowly to realise that battling the weather, traffic system, bus schedules, etc. to meet the first lecture of the day is over for a while. Seventy-odd lectures have been more or less successfully given - given, at any rate. The weather is vile: as promised, it has got warmer, but what that meant, coming home, was scouring, near-horizontal sleety rain. Even the dog thinks it a bit much, and what the cat makes of it I have yet to find out. Meanwhile, we have a domestic crisis: the excellent Olga has vanished. On the first of her days this month, she rang in with the dread winter vomiting virus, last week, we were pretty much snowed in, but this week she’s disappeared. I don’t think she can possibly be illegal because she was briefly in need of income support and could hardly have asked for it if she hadn’t built up some rights, but she seems to have vanished. Meanwhile we are knee deep in black fur because neither of us has had time to deal with it; kitchen yes, hoovering, no. But I think I’d better get it sorted out before we start looking like a Joseph Beuys installation.

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  1. Eleanor Says:

    I have often thought about trying out one of those robot vacuum things, you know, those things that scoot around sucking up dust and such. I’m not sure Ginny and Travis would leave it alone to do its work.

  2. cp Says:

    Harley loved to BE vacuumed. Dealt with the problem at source.

  3. Jane Says:

    I can only think that a wee robot would add to our problems. 1. It would turn out to be allergic to dog hair. 2. it would eat some vital piece of paper Miss Cat had knocked to the floor. 3. It would develop first a personality, then a personality disorder. 4. Upon which, we would find it in the condition of the python that ate an alligator, half way through swallowing a rug, and if we were VERY lucky, it would not have, in the process, gone up in smoke and set the house on fire.

  4. Jane Says:

    re. CP: there’s a vintage English joke about a sign saying ‘beware of the baby’. ‘he can’t bite, can he?’ says nervous visitor. ‘No, but he can give you a nasty suck’. The vacuum is on the fierce side, and Miss Dog seems rather scared of it even when not applied directly.

  5. cp Says:

    I’m worried about Olga. No reply to phone? Has something happened to her? Please advise.

  6. Jane Says:

    I’m very much hoping we’ll see Olga tomorrow. Her friend the taxi man says she’s taken quite a while to recover from the virus. We aren’t trying to communicate directly because when she’s upset her English goes out of the window, and she would either be tearfully trying to explain that she really couldn’t help it or getting in a state about whether we will pay her full whack next month, when she needs it for the rent. Sending a message via Michael is a better bet.

  7. cp Says:

    O good. I assumed you would take care of her. p

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