Walking with Angels

I have just finished drafting a novella. This is something of a relief to my mind, because the trio of horrid fictions of which it is a third is due in at the end of April. It’s also a relief because I have been writing about a lady who sees angels, and in consequence, I have had to read reams and reams of stuff about angels on the Internet, and elsewhere. I am getting a little tired of them. I found a white feather yesterday; apparently a sure sign that there is an angel in the immediate vicinity. Or it might have had something to do with the fact that I was on a beach along with 500 seagulls, you never know. What has struck me quite strongly about the numerous angels sites (astrodamus.org, the Urantia Papers, spiritualwellbeing.co.uk, angelhealing.org and so on, and on , and on) is that there seems to be an enormous amount of belief about, quite untrammeled by the need to define what, in particular, you believe in. I was rather taken by an individual whose personal ‘spiritual team’ consists of ‘Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, Sachiel, Barachiel, Jehudial, Zadkiel, Thoth /Quetzalcoatl, Bartoff of the Council of 12, Quan Yin, and the three Chinese Saints’ The Northern Professor observes that not even the Mexican Jesuits at their most syncretic mixed n’ matched to quite this extent. It’s a very rum go, and in the end, despite the occasional hoots of sardonic delight which it all provokes, it just makes you feel a bit depressed.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    I could do with a spot of angelic intervention down here in the damp north-west, partly because the electrics in my temporary abode are dangerous and untrustworthy, and the chimney is on the point of falling off. Who are the patron saints of sparks and builders? What is the opposite of a light-bearer? Am I wrong to light candles in the Holy Name while preying that my vicious, grasping landlord will soon be gathered to his maker? Sometimes it is hard to be good-natured and charitable.

  2. Janey Says:

    Builders have a great many patron saints to choose from, SS. Barbara, Blaise, Louis IX, Our Lady of Loreto, Thomas the Apostle, and Vincent Ferrer. Electricians don’t seem to have one except possibly St Barbara — the patron saints website which I found listed patron saints for, among other things, categories and causes, ecologists, eczema, embroiderers, eruptions (volcanic), Evansville, Indiana, and explosions but not for sparks. The opposite of a light-bearer is either lucifugax or tenebriferens depending which way you look at it. If you intend to pray to anyone to do in your landlord I would suggest St Ruadan the Curser. He was travelling through Ireland some time in the 6th century and it struck him that it was becoming a dashed overcrowded place, so he intimated as much to the almighty. Result: bubonic plague swept the land and the population crisis was a thing of the past. Saints didn’t mess about in those days.

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