A conundrum for philosophers and footballers

A little competition: which English football team draws its motto from the Adages of Erasmus?

3 Responses to “A conundrum for philosophers and footballers”

  1. Jon Says:

    I’m assuming it’s not Bournemouth’s “Pulchritudo et salubritas” or Aldershot’s militaristic “Pugna pro patria”.

    My guess is Blackburn’s very protestant “Arte et labore”, although I’d love it if the answer was Moor Green FC’s punning “Calx terminus esto”.

  2. Peter Says:

    Good man yourself, brilliant guess: Sheffield Wednesday, concilio et artis. I noticed it in reverse, as it were, looking at Erasmus and wondering why the phrase was strangely familiar.

  3. jan foster Says:

    I was going to say Arsenal, “Victoria concordia crescit.” I always answer ‘Arsenal,’ no matter what the question.

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