Stuffed Twisbys

There is an uncollected work of Edward Gorey’s called The Other Statue, which entered the household as a present from the Papyrologist last year. It features, among its complex and various cast, a little boy called Augustus and his familiar, or bed-companion, a stuffed twisby. The twisby seemed, on collating the three drawings in which it appeared, to be a vaguely hippapotomus-like creature of a kind which appears regularly in the works of Edward Gorey.
Well, now. The Northern Professor has a Fabian god-daughter devoted to the works of EG, an enthusiasm which is shared by the Canadian Professor, currently staying with us. What with one thing and another, not least the existence of a grey microfleece shirt somewhat damaged by paint, the creation of a limited edition of stuffed twisbys for the FGD, the CP, and other individuals who seemed possibly in need of such an item moved gradually from mere conjecture to actuality. Then there was the twisby design committee, in short, the frightful world of gussets. Then, once all that was sorted out, there was going to the shop in Turriff which caters for nice ladies who do embroidery out of kits, needing various paraphernalia, and trying to explain we were starting with a concept and moving on from there. The proprietrix at that point scuttled warily behind her counter obviously under the impression that we were a bunch of lunatics. The Prototype Twisby has been a considerable success; it is dolorous, lumpy, with dull little eyes like Mr Gorey’s Wuggly Ump, and faintly menacing. We are very pleased with it, and subsequent twisbys are even now under construction.

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  1. Andreas Minor Says:

    Are they by any chance related to the twilbys sung about in that famous song Que Sera, Sera?

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