‘The rain fell heavily, drearily’ (Vide Little Dorrit). We had a day of sunshine yesterday; it was almost a question of ‘Mummy, what’s that funny glowing thing up in the sky?’. But the Geordie Ambassador and Mark the Squaddie have between them contrived to complete our rehabilitation of the ghastly sheds, which look more and more like Onhava every day. Mark has retired for the summer, amid happy cries of ‘I’m fir offski’and ‘at’s Fine’. Books are being written in various corners of the house, insofar as anyone will let us. The sheep persist in escaping, & moreover, have shat all over my study and eaten my favourite camellia. Dr Biswell finds that repeatedly he is possessed by the spirit of Charles Hawtrey in whichever Carry On film it was which took-off The Great Escape. ‘You sink I know Notting. But I know damn all’ (etc.). In the course of the sheeps’ third escape of the day, Napoleon, attempting to elude capture, bulletted through the back of the greenhouse in a short, sharp, shower of glass. He was quite undamaged, I wish I could say the same for the greenhouse,

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  1. arnold Says:

    Strange to say, I think the Carry On line must be a bowdlerized version of the original. “You think I know fuck-nothing? Well, that’s where you’re wrong! I know fuck-all.”

    This simple joke has always given me great pleasure.

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