The Practical Wunderkammer

The Man from Maryport, who has come to stay for Christmas, came out with a stunningly practical suggestion this evening. The answer to the continuing dodginess of the water supply is surely to deploy, for its traditional purpose of purifying a spring, the unicorn’s horn from the wunderkammer.
By the way, the Press and Journal has outdone itself today with its headline. It is going to get rather cold and white over the next few days but, rather than shouting “a White Christmas” like a sensible regional paper, they have tried to depress everybody with “Blizzard Warnings for North East”. I assume that they have been infiltrated by Presbyterians.

2 Responses to “The Practical Wunderkammer”

  1. Andreas Minor Says:

    Followed presumably by “Aged paedophile with white beard seen giving children presents for ‘being good’”

  2. Janey Says:

    Today’s P&J told you even more about Xmas Funne in the Far North: Aberdeen city was completely gridlocked, and the police had to be involved to sort it all out, while Marks & Spencer on Union Street were compelled, reluctantly, to lock their doors since the number of shoppers pressing in was such as potentially to endanger the lives of those already inside. Apparently everyone’s left it to the last minute.

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