Fortsas Catalogue

I seem to have started something with this Index idea. As we all turn into Readers in Invisible Writings, I’d like to pass on something which I just found via, the Fortsas Catalogue. Look it up for yourselves; a fiendishly complete literary hoax. I am reminded of one which the Northern Professor, Dr Biswell and I once planned but never executed: it was called The Isle of Dogs, and it was going to be the catalogue of a small and eccentric bookdealer on the Isle of Dogs (’dog’ being as most of you probably know, the trade term for an unsaleable book). Amid total rubbish priced at 3.99, there were going to be the odd absolutely unobtainable modern first edition and so forth, also priced at 3.99 — the aim was to wind up an Unnamed Professor, who was to be sent the catalogue, write feverishly for the good stuff only to be told it had all been sold (or pulped) — like so many good ideas of the kind we never got around to implementing it. So; a Salute to the Fortsas Catalogue, a masterpiece of a more leisured age. A lot of work goes into something like that.

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  1. jacky Says:

    Never say EVER again. And I quote m’lud, from p88 (pbk) “Astraea” -”Mariken was delighted to see him and had scoured every mote of dust out of his quarters to welcome him back…”

    Writing an index first might well make the business of writing the book itself a lot easier. Although I haven’t read the novel The D.V. Code, from what I’ve heard of it I wonder if this wasn’t its author’s method.

  2. Janey Says:

    Crumbs. The things you forget. Alright Guv, it’s a fair cop.

  3. Jon Says:

    I fear that Dan Brown’s method of writing the ‘Da Vinci Code’ was far less sophisticated than this. For instance, going through ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail’ chapter by chapter and substituting Poussin for Da Vinci just about covers it.

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