Imaginary Indices

I have perpetrated an imaginary index to an unwritten book: this can be found at It is up to you to work out what it is indexing … Anyone who wants to play is cordially invited; it is entirely up to you whether your Index explicitly indexes, let us say, The Sword of the Zenobians, or whether you want the Readers in Invisible Writings to guess. I look forward to other and I hope, stranger contributions; if you send them to, the Rogue Semiotician will post them when he has recovered from his cold.

3 Responses to “Imaginary Indices”

  1. The Prandial Post Says:

    A collection of various different mixed miscellenea
    Various things all fitted into one megapost. Firstly, courtesy of LNR, this marvellous George Monbiot quote: I want to live in a land in which wolves might prowl. In which, as I have done in eastern Poland, I can follow a bend in a forest path and come…

  2. The Man From Maryport Says:

    Errmm, I’m intrigued by p145 & the coming together of Bob Dylan and a Bounty bar. Shouldn’t the entries actually read ‘Stars and Stripes’ & ‘Baez, Joan’? Or possibly ‘Mars Bar’ and ‘Faithfull, Marianne’?

  3. Janey Says:

    Certainly not. The Man from Maryport might care to recall the common ground between Mr Dylan’s ‘Mozambique’ (from *Desire*), and that cheesy old Bounty advertisment ‘they came in search of paradise…and found it’.

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