The Juvenile Drama

I have spent sizeable chunks of the last two days making a model of the Globe Theatre. Those of you who knew me from Warwick days will probably realise that it would take quite a lot of persuasion to get me that near thespianity in general & the world of the unlamented Emerald Eel in particular — but it is half term in these parts, need I say more. Tayla and I have been having a very jolly time with straw & cardboard & have produced a spirited model with the essential features intact. Little does the poor child realise that the next time she appears there will be a small cardboard cast all ready to go, and that Shakespeare is in her future. I thought we might end up having to stage Twelfth Night with a mixed cast of Harry Potter, Spiderman, several Orcs, Gandalf, & Postman Pat, but she says she can’t find any models the right size — personally I think she is canny enought to see where this is going & isn’t admitting to them. So cardboard it will be.

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  1. fjs Says:

    In the days when I cohabited with a real set designer, the tamiya set of scale models called ‘campus friends’ were the favoured to scale figures used. They were bewildering in their usefullness, as they all seemed to be carrying tennis rackets or riding scooters. I have fond memories of sawing off bits to make roman statues, regency women etc, aand I still have thescars too.

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