Hold the soy sauce

And hold the front page — we were electrified to observe yesterday, atop our very own Rayburn, a giant bamboo. Since joined by a friend. It’s too exciting. Actually at the moment it is a blade of grass half an inch high, but as someone said of St Denis walking a mile after his head had been cut off, ‘c’est le premier pas qui cout.’ It seems that we have successfully bamboozled (sorry) the phyllostachys into believing that it’s in Yunnan which if you had seen the weather we’ve been having for the last week is something of a feat. Frankly I wish I was in Yunnan. It has just started to snow again.

2 Responses to “Hold the soy sauce”

  1. Jon Says:

    So it’s all panda out rather well in the end.


  2. Janey Says:

    I read somewhere that giant pandas are making something of a comeback; but they haven’t got as far as Turriff.

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