Being Horrid to Labradors

Miss Dog has had Miss Best Friend to stay for a day or two. There have been numerous meetings of the Silly Bitch Club and, naturally, many opportunities to practise their chosen careers as Consumer Watchdogs. The four melting brown eyes on every mouthful got, in the end, on the Lady Novelist’s nerves sufficiently for her to be, as they perceived it, horribly unfair to labradors in a phrase of staggering precision: ‘Go away you melanistic yellow jackals.’

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  1. Janey Says:

    Not exactly. At one point I did comment that they were, at bottom, melanistic yellow jackals & sometimes it showed, a phrase which seems to have stuck with the Professor for some reason, but I think I referred to them, in fact, as ‘bug-eyed haggis on paws’. Which is also staggeringly prcise if a bit less genealogical.

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