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I have just been tidying up blog comments. Does anyone out there know why 95% of spam currently relates to playing poker on-line? Who does play poker on-line? Has this become some kind of gigantic industry? I speak as one who has never played poker at all, anywhere; in fact my lifetime’s supply of interest in card-games seems to have been used up by the time I was 10. I do accept that the world is full of things which other people find fascinating and I do not, but is this really such a big deal?

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  1. The other German Guest Says:

    Money. Poker is a game of chance, but one that players think they can tweak just enough to beat the table. Thus, online gambling is a huge market (fed by companies located on Curacao or the Netherlands Antilles) which will grow further during the next years. Do you get a lot of spam in the comments?

  2. Rochelle Says:

    Well I met my first online poker player yesterday in the form of the manager for Leamington’s new Oxfam bookshop. He used to work in a casino in Montreal, which represents an interesting change of career path and suggests a variety of lurid explainations as to why he is now restricted to virtual gambling.

  3. Janey Says:

    Yes. The previous avatar of the blog was literally drowned in spam. If I go back to a blog of a month or two back, I tend to find there are seven ‘comments’, these are pseudo-aphorisms fromKhalil Gibran, Ernest Hemingway or sages of the kind, plus ‘play online poker today’ and a link. I suppose the point of the aphorism is to confuse spam-detectors by giving the impression that they are actual responses. It’s very tedious. But the point is also, that the spam which is selling Viagra, offering me the opportunity to enlarge my penis, offering access to hot babes, or trying to sell me a really cheap loan is mysteriously absent — it’s all poker and/or online casinos. Hence my sense that a general human tendency to allow hope to triumph over experience, obvious as the subtext of all these scams, has taken a very particular form.

  4. Eleanor Says:

    Poker is very big over the pond… at any time of the day or night one can tune
    into a television channel with a poker tournament in progress. There are
    professionals, idiot Hollywood types competing for charity, etc. Many of the
    pros have their own websites, blogs, books, and tapes. There’s also a
    plethora of poker sites where you don’t gamble, but just play the game with
    the object of learning so that you can eventually enter a tournament. It’s
    really quite mad.

  5. The Man From Maryport Says:

    Odd - my email is awash with offers to make various parts of me longer thicker & harder, Nigerians wanting my bank account details and mortgage offers at implausible interest rates. But I never get invited to play online poker. Clearly there is something very odd going on . . .

  6. The Man From Maryport Says:

    Look: I’ve just tried to post a comment containing the words ‘****’ (a country in Africa), ‘£$%^’ (a way of buying a house) & ‘’&^%$££’ (a popular recreational medication) - and your spam filter canned it! And it was a witty, amusing, pertinent comment too. It had nothing to do with online ‘^%$£*’. Honest.

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