The Compleat Angler

The Apparitional Gamekeeper turned up this evening just before supper, grinning from ear to ear and holding out a two and a half pound trout, so fresh it had only just stopped vibrating. Plans for Dins were abruptly derailed; we had, instead, baked trout and a velouté sauce with chopped prawns in it, followed by filo pastry parcels with a wonderful ginger and rhubarb gloop made by the Real World Consultant which had formed part of P.f.D ‘A’ (’here’s one I prepared earlier …’). We hadn’t meant to have party dinner but it was very nice that it sort of happened, since we’re off to Germany tomorrow. Back Monday night, will be in touch.

2 Responses to “The Compleat Angler”

  1. galbraye-ath Says:

    I mean: All hail to the aged NP! LN, what language you do do!
    NP: Thus from Diss do we descend …! Is that Diss
    of Skelton fame? Dis is.

  2. galbraye-ath Says:

    And tell all about Germany, do!

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