Parituriunt Montes

I have just been sent the first copies of Early Modern Women Poets, the book I have been writing for the last ten years. It’s very odd to see it; some books are of their nature unfinishable and this is one such. It was more a question of declaring a cut-off point and sending the bloody thing away — hence by the time it ended up between hard covers, there was a long list of things that should have been different — since between submitting it and getting it back, I found more verse for Anna Maria van Schurman, had a really quite good thought about Peruvian literary academies, fell over the Latin verse of Vittoria Accoramboni (Webster’s ‘White Devil’), found that I had been almost totally wrong about Sophia Corbiniana and a bit wrong about Sor Juana de la Cruz’s contact with Sophia Brenner, came across six more poets, and so on and so forth. So I can’t say that I look at the thing with unmixed feelings, but when a project has loomed over your life for so long, there is, for all that, a very good feeling about knowing that it’s done, and you can move on to something else. If only the second edition …

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  1. Jon Says:

    Excellent news. The books are flying out of the Deep North like…well, like nothing else really.

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